Besides our eyes I believe the camera is one of the best visual outlets ever created to capture and preserve special moments forever. As a photographer enjoy creating and capturing images that go beyond what can be seen through everyday life. I like to use different techniques or tools in capturing my photographs that help reveal the beauty that is around us. Many of my images are of historic places around New England to help preserve their meaning in time. I also enjoy creating long exposures in my landscapes to give a peaceful, dreamy, and otherworldly feeling to a secret world that is there but never maybe seen.

I love the challenge of traveling and discovering new places to shoot. My photography can be very spontaneous; in my opinion, I feel it keeps it real. Sometimes I wake up and point my finger on a map and say “I think I will explore this new place today”. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a beautiful place for the first time; some of my best work has been inspired and created this way.

My work has been published in the Attleboro Sun Chronicle , May 2013 “Picture of the Day” WPRI Contest Winner, Discover Newport “What’s Your Reason?” Facebook Cover (GoNewport.com), and Midday Records New England Indie Alt Rock Compilation cover art.